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Saturday, November 7, 2015

New #Teen #PNR Release from @SDWasleyAuthor and @EvernightTeen #Urban #Fantasy

Release Date: November 6, 2015
Published by Evernight Teen
YA Urban Fantasy

“I longed for normality. Even our own, off-the-wall brand of normality.” 

She’s finally got things together. Mimi’s dating a hot guy and has a place in the school’s Gifted Program with her awesome friends. Yes, she still attracts the dead. But there’s only one ghost these days, and he doesn’t seem to have an awful lot to say. 

Just when Mimi’s life is looking pretty good for the first time in years, the unthinkable happens ... one of the seven gifted teens is torn from their close-knit group. The unity of their circle shattered, things begin to go terribly wrong. It’s ruining their focus—and with the threat of the Astarion cult growing stronger each day, the gifted seven need all the focus they can muster. 

In The Seventh, Mimi found her place in a circle of seven extraordinary teenagers. In The Rift, she must face what happens when the circle of seven is broken.

I started riding my bike home in the early afternoon. A sudden downpour hit when I was still a good mile away, drenching me. I had a kickass rain jacket but there was no stopping this deluge. Water went into every opening. I could hardly see where I was pedalling. At one point, I nearly hit the dark figure of a man that stepped in front of me on the road, and I had to screech to a slippery halt, scrambling off my bike.
“Oh, my gosh, are you okay?” I cried, but when I squinted into the rainy gloom behind me, I couldn’t see where the guy had gone. “Hello?” I called, hoping I hadn’t somehow hurtled him into a hedgerow. Nothing. Maybe the horrible weather was messing with my sanity. I resumed my ride home, feeling deeply sorry for myself.
Drew’s house was around half a mile from mine, and happened to be pretty much on the way back from Mona’s, so I decided to throw myself on the mercy of the Ellery family. I threw my bike down and dashed to the front door, my ghosts watching me from where they stood in the garden. Still totally dry, I thought resentfully. Drew answered, his eyes lighting up when he saw me.
“Mimi!” he said with a laugh, pulling me into the hall and helping me out of my supposedly waterproof jacket. “Look at you! Hang on, I’ll get a towel.”
I didn’t want to track water on Mrs. Ellery’s highly polished floorboards, so I took off my boots. My socks were just as soaked, so they had to be peeled off too. My remaining clothes were still wet through, but at least I wouldn’t be leaving a trail. Drew came back with a towel and I dried off my hair as much as possible.
“I needed some shelter for a while,” I said. “I couldn’t see where I was going. I think I nearly killed some poor guy who was taking a walk. I must have really scared him, he ran off so fast.”
“You can stop here for shelter any time, or to hide from the cops when you murder an unsuspecting pedestrian.” Drew grinned, pulling me by the hand into the lounge room where a fire was burning. I stood in front of it gratefully, the wet denim of my jeans steaming as it heated up.
“Where’s your family?” I asked.
“They’re all out seeing a movie. I wasn’t interested,” he told me.
So, we were alone, huh? He saw the delight jump into my face as I reached for him. “Oh, Mimi,” he admonished, his voice going soft and low, “you are so bad.”
“What?” I feigned innocence, but couldn’t suppress a smile.
Drew didn’t need any further invitation. He slid a hand onto the back of my neck, under my damp tangle of hair, pulling my lips close to his. For a moment I marvelled at how amazing our kisses were. No matter how often we kissed—and we kissed a lot—it was still magical. Every. Single. Time. But then I forgot to marvel as we sank into that kiss. This was the kind of kiss that didn’t have an end point. It just got closer, deeper, and morphed into more. Before I knew what was happening, we were on the sofa, me lying across Drew, making him and the cushions soggy with my rain-soaked clothes. I sat up and peeled off my wet sweater, which left me in just a red singlet. As he watched, his green eyes seemed to get darker. More intense. I went for his lips again, inhaling his familiar smell—my favourite smell in the world. Suddenly I could hardly bear to have any distance between us at all.
Then Drew abruptly pushed me off him and sat up. He was breathing sort of heavily as he spoke. “As much as I wish with every fibre of my being that I could close us into a temporal bubble and preserve this moment in time—and other moments that might lead from this moment—I am seriously stressing about my parents getting home at any second.”
I groaned. “When do you expect them?”
“About twenty minutes ago,” Drew confessed, dropping his face into his hands.

S.D. Wasley was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. She has been composing literary works since before she could write – at five years of age she announced her first poem in the kitchen, improv-style. About 20 years later she earned a PhD in communications. She writes in a range of genres including young adult, paranormal, mystery, new adult romance, and literary short stories.

Her debut novel was published in early 2015 through Evernight Teen, and her first adult paranormal romance will be released on January 7, 2016. Today, she lives and writes in a wine region with her partner and two daughters, surrounded by dogs, cats and chickens.

Website/blog: https://sdwasley.com/
Amazon author page URL:  http://amazon.com/author/sdwasley
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